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The situation:

Mental health difficulties are becoming everyone’s problem.

The World Health organization highlighted that due to mental disorders and other mental health conditions, twelve billion working days are lost every year, causing an estimated global economic loss of US$ 1 trillion annually. Lack of effective support can impact a person’s confidence, productivity, contribute to work absences, difficulties with job retention and recruitment.

The Archives of General Psychiatry reported the importance of mental health needs in schools as, 1 in 5 children and youth have a diagnosable emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder and 1 in 10 young people have a mental health challenge that impairs their functioning at home, school and the community.

We believe employers and educators have a front-line role in promoting and protecting well-being in the environments they create.

The Benefits:

  • Findings from the Mental Health Foundation suggest that employers can save up to £8 billion annually with efforts to improve staff wellbeing.
  • An estimated initial investment of £40,000 by employers is predicted result in a net return of £347,722 in savings, due to reduced presenteeism (lost productivity that occurs due to an employee working while ill) and absenteeism (missing work due to ill health).
  • Good mental health and wellbeing is essential in education. Students learn tools to, cope with day-to-day challenges, and develop into resilient adults

Why Us

Simply put we are accredited mental health professionals, innovators and value investing in people.

What we offer

We are open to collaborations and suggestions of bespoke services however we offer the following:


12 sessions with a qualified CBT therapist to support the management of depression and anxiety related disorders.


Group online or face-to-workshops to improve staff resilience.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
We are available 8am-8pm (Mon - Sat )
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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