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Depression & Anxiety Treatment 4Me

Depression & Anxiety Treatment Workshops

CBT4ME workshops delivered online, are available to those in London and abroad. The workshops are based on guided self-help principles, this is recommended by NICE and delivered by Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. Guided Self-Help has been shown to be effective in helping people to recover from a variety of difficulties including symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic and stress.

Research into the effectiveness of internet based treatments as our stress and worry workshops and depression workshops, has found that internet based CBT is useful in treating various mental health disorders. Join a depression workshop, an anxiety workshop with just a click of a button in the comfort of your home or safe space.

Mood Control

Mood Control 4Me

Feeling sad at times is normal. Depression is the most common psychological disorder. Depression is caused by multiple stressful events, life changes, and sometimes can seem 'out of the blue'. This workshop teaches you how to manage your mood.

Managing Stress 4Me

Managing Stress 4Me

At times, we use the word ‘stress’ and ‘worry’, these are different ways to describe similar problems that cause people to be fearful and/ or experience tension and discomfort. Many problems can cause anxiety, stress and worry.
This event teaches you to balance the demands of modern life, relax, problem solve and control your worry with confidence.

All workshops are delivered over four weeks, once per week, 1hour.

Sleep Easy 4Me

CBT or medication has been the recommended treatment options for those with problems sleeping. Medication is not for everyone, but can be used with CBT skills to improve poor sleep. So, if you’re noticing a disturbed sleeping pattern that’s impacting on your life,work and relationships, then this group is probably the wake-up call you need


Doing it

Doing it (Procrastination) 4Me

Having problems starting or completing tasks? Chronic procrastination is associated with various mental health difficulties and emotions of guilt and shame. This online group teaches you how approach tasks and meet your goals. Just doing it isn’t always easy but with the right support from us, we’ll get you on your way.

Training Attention 4Me

Poor concentration is a common symptom of various mental health disorders. Reducing our awareness of self-focused attention when feeling low or anxious, contributes to improved symptom management of disorders as social anxiety, OCD and worry. This group will help to re-orient your attention, improve mood and increase a sense of achievement.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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