Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work For Anger Management Problems?

Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work For Anger Management Problems?

Everyone feels angry at times as it’s one of the basic human emotions. And it’s important as well, especially if someone acts against you or you experience injustice. Anger motivates you to stand up for yourself or to fight back. But, when anger is hard to control, it becomes destructive for you as well as everyone around you. 


Out-of-control anger refers to acting aggressively, using unkind or inappropriate language, raising your voice, or engaging in violent behavior. This is also referred to as unhealthy anger expression. This is where anger management comes into the picture. 


People think there is no permanent anger management solution. But, the fact is cognitive behavioral therapy can treat anger problems. 


What contributes to the anger management problem?


Thinking deeply about upsetting experiences 

You had an angering experience. But, if you keep thinking deeply about it, your feeling of anger will become more intense and persistent. With this action of yours, the intensity of the anger will linger for a long time, contributing to unhealthy anger expression. 


Many people say that complaining or venting frustrations in life is a way to feel light. But, the fact is this action makes feelings of anger stick around. So, you should avoid it. 


Rigid or unforgiving beliefs 

As a human being, you have certain views about something or some set of rules in your life. Also, you expect things from others. It’s a human tendency and there is nothing wrong with it. But, if the views and expectations are rigid, it’s not good. 


When your life doesn’t match expectations or requirements, you naturally become angry. It’s said that the more rigid your expectations are, the more circumstances there are for anger to arise. 


How does cognitive behavioral therapy treat anger management problems?

Cognitive behavioral therapy overcomes the above-mentioned difficulties using several practical strategies. This is a healthy and safe way to cope with anger and its expression effectively. 


Easily identifies anger feelings 

Anger slowly builds up and starts impacting you, but you don’t realize it. The inability to identify the build-up and impact easily makes anger a problem. With cognitive behavioral therapy, you learn to quickly recognize the signs that your anger is increasing. The lesson involves noticing the bodily sensations you experience when you are angry as well as describing your anger using a rating scale. 


Identifies and changes unhelpful thinking 

Rigid and unhelpful thinking contribute to anger problems. Even if you don’t want to be angry, unhealthy anger expressions are seen on your face and in your behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you to re-examine and adjust your thoughts toward life. You get rid of your rigid views and rules, solving anger management problems. 


Breaks the behavioral loops 

Behavioral loops include thinking deeply about upsetting things or venting repeatedly to others. These actions make anger increase. With cognitive behavioral therapy, you learn to break out these behavioral loops. One of the skills taught by CBT therapists to reduce deep thinking is mindfulness. 


Teaches distress tolerance skills 

Just like other human emotions, anger feels unpleasant. Though you express yourself against wrong when you are angry, the feeling isn’t good. You feel distressed. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you to get through anger without it ruining your mood using various tools, such as diaphragmatic breathing. 


Cognitive behavioral therapy works for anger management problems. You just need to find the right therapist for cognitive behavioral therapy in London. 


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